And what may be left to us
Twiddle those dials in NYC & Rockland County or stream it LIVE ONLINE
Youtube has shaped performance for a decade and a half. What do we have to show for it?
+ some stuff my friends are doing
Out in New York (eventually...?), navigating a lattice of etiquettes.
Let's take a moment to mourn the night.
Read my interview, and find out what to do in New York in the next two weeks, in this relaunched edition of Critical Party Studies.
🤪 hahaha jk......unless?? 🙈😏
When submission to stereotype promises an audience, who could say no?
So, I made a “songs of the decade” playlist. My choices, frankly, hew pretty close to “canon,” or what you’d see on any of the many other “best of the …
Cold Deck plays The Sultan Room.
Moor Mother's Analog Fluids of Sonic Black Holes invokes cosmic debts.