If I wrote a recap of Tove Lo's concert at Brooklyn Steel, would y'all read it?? 😳

🤪 hahaha jk......unless?? 🙈😏

Hey Critical Partiers,

So, I’m giving serious consideration to “relaunching” this blog. I’m considering making it less like a blog, coming out at a regular interval and containing regular “segments” that are more utilitarian as opposed to just my contemplations on “going out”: listing for upcoming events in New York that I think look cool, memes from “the” “scene”…merch??

I want to do this because I think that CPS would be considered a more “professional” endeavor if I did it that way, and that that could lead to things like being featured in other newsletters or by Substack itself, and a pathway to monetizing it through subscriptions and/or sponsored content. I think this is also referred to as “building a personal brand,” or, maybe pejoratively, “being a writer-influencer,” and that’s something I want because it costs money to live, which is random as fuck.

So, look out for that, maybe. I’m not entirely sure that I actually want to do it or if “I’m that guy.” I feel a little weird because it’s mostly my friends that read this, and I’m not sure how to transition from that to the kind of “reach” I’m imagining in this new format. Recently, though, I’ve seen some very good, more “formal” listservs like Todd Burns’s Music Journalism Insider and Margot Boyer-Dry’s Lorem Ipsum, and well,

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Tove Lo plays Brooklyn Steel

But here’s something more traditional: a show recap. For Bowery Presents, I recapped a very enjoyable Tove Lo show. Read it here, and, if you’d like, also check out my previous recap of Roddy Ricch’s show.

Other Stuff

  • I think Tennis put out their best album yet today. Check out “How to Forgive”:

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